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Steve (Morris) Silverstein




NEWSDAY, Melville, N.Y. (December, 2000-Present) Project Manager Marketing/Community Affairs/Events (December 2000-Present)

      Increase readership and revenue through targeted outreach  

             programs. Seek-out and assess new branding opportunities and fashion

             them to meet current goals and needs through targeted strategies

      Opened new relationships with New York State Parks Department, New York

            City Parks Department, Nassau County Parks Department as well as with

            east end organizations and events

      Incorporate social media elements into pre-existing programs

      Negotiate sponsorship and exposure contracts

      Build and manage marketing programs for clients

             Senior member of team that built and executed client programs tied to the

             US Open Golf Tournament resulting in over three million dollars in revenue

             per event

             Developed programs to monetize our pre-existing sponsorships resulting in

             over $200,000 in non-traditional revenue

      Manage community interface elements and social networking of GreenStreet LI


      Manage community outreach/educational programs including the Newsday

            Marching Band Festival, The Newsday Scholar Artist Awards and the

            Newsday/MSG Varsity All-Long Island Sports Awards

      Assemble and manage department operating budgets

      Produce Webinar programs: Working with the editorial and events team I handled

            all production responsibilities for live webinars featuring multiple panelists on

            a wide range of topics. Engineering, design and copy writing

    Manage Internal Communication programs

            Successfully rolled out new Internal Communications system. Working with        

            cross departmental team to introduce company-wide digital monitor system 

            with integrated third party programming software system

            Responsible for on-going content development

      Research, negotiate price and order promotional premiums for departments

             across the company

             Includes responsibility for assuring unified, proper branding messages

             across all departments. Search for ways to combine orders to lower

             budgetary expenses

      Oversee and maintain Newsday’s street marketing vehicles and staff

      Develop on-site/event focused marketing program designed to re-enforce

            the Newsday brand, value and funnel views to

      Member of Newsday/United Way fund raising committee (2000-2003 &


      Member of Newsday/Long Island Blood Services Blood Drive committee


      Three-time winner of the prestigious Newsday Extra award

      Two -time winner of the prestigious Newsday Publishers award


Event Manager (June 2000-December 2000)

      Responsible for on-site coordination and execution of event marketing activities

            including complete presentation, oversight of street team assistants,

            verifying delivery of signage and benefits


WBAB Radio 102.3/95.3, Babylon, N.Y. (April 1988-February 2000)

Promotion Director (1990-February 2000)

        Created and responsible for annual Promotion Department budget

        Designed and executed Promotion/Marketing opportunities for client


        Created station branding events Blues & Brews Festival and Pumpkin Park

            resulting in combined revenue of more than $500,000

        Key member of team to design and update options for station web


        Coordinated all in-the-streets events from start to finish

        Liaison between Sales and Programming departments

        Station liaison with State, County and all charitable agencies

            Successfully negotiated exclusive media sponsorship of largest state run

            events on Long Island

        Wrote and issued press releases

        Oversaw staff of 4 assistants

        Responsible for all Programming and Promotion related barter agreements

            including contract negotiations, script writing, and advertising schedules.

            (IE: Television, Print, Database, and Signage Providers)

       Produced quarterly station publication (WBAB/Coliseum Connection


       Produced and coordinated live remote broadcasts

       Responsible for design, ordering and distribution plan of all station


       Oversaw purchase, design and upkeep of all station vehicles

       Negotiated sponsorship with JBL resulting in savings of $14,000 in audio

           equipment for three vehicles


Part Time Air Personality (1988-February 2000)

        Weekly air shifts

        Weekly appearances and concert hosting

        March of Dimes spokesperson

        Event emcee


EDUCATION: Long Island University/C.W. Post Campus Completed Bachelor of Arts in Communications: Jan. 1988


COMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc...), I-Movie HD video editing software, Omniture, Polopoly

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